Current methods of diagnosing IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) in cats are lengthy and often invasive. Early detection of gut inflammation holds a key to prevent and better control the disease. BanBan (the yawning cat in the above image), my fur-ever baby and best friend, had suffered from IBD for almost 6 years and crossed the rainbow bridge in 2012. AGI honors BanBan’s life and the love she gave to us and tries to fight with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

Dog Osteosarcoma

A close friend of mine lost her son to pediatric osteosarcoma, which is a rare and often fatal cancer. Due to the limited cases in humans, research in the diagnoses and treatment of pediatric osteosarcomas is difficult. Previous research has shown that dog osteosarcomas are genetically similar to pediatric osteosarcomas and are much more common. Research in diagnoses and treatment of dog osteosarcomas will benefit both our canine companions and children suffering from osteosarcoma.

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